Are You a WOOD Element Personality Type?

Are You a WOOD Element Personality Type?

Here Are Some Tips to Balance Your Wood Element

Personality Type Out!

A typical Wood Element archetype is a planner. They are creative visionaries. They are typically motivated and driven. They love the ability to control their future and destiny. Wood types have a strong sense of what works and how to move around obstacles.

Here is a list of additional Wood Element Characteristics.

Wood Elements:

  • Makes clear and healthy decisions.
  • Can deal with change easily, are flexible.
  • Can roll with the punches.
  • Driven, well organized, and efficient.
  • Express anger and other emotions appropriately.
  • They find hope and renewal.
  • Initiate projects with creativity and vision.
  • Are Imaginative.
  • Are Physically flexible & supple.

Be like a tree in pursuit of your cause.

Stand firm, grip hard, thrust upward, bend to

The winds of heaven, and learn tranquility

-Dedication to Richard St Barbe Baker Father of the Trees

On the other side of that coin, Wood Element types, even when adapted, can have an edge. They are ready to do combat to get to their goals, and are not bashful about arguing with and confronting whoever stands in their way. At times, they can be abrasive, controlling, and pushy.

Some of the common conditions I see when someone’s Wood Element is out of balance is:

♦ Irritability or anger

♦ Depression

♦ PMS and menstrual cramps

♦ Headaches

♦ Digestive issues

♦ Eye and vision problems

♦ Neck pain

Sense of control over their life is probably their biggest priority. 

Wood is also associated with the liver and gall bladder. Wood is the first element in the cycle of the Five Elements. The season that is associated with the Wood Element is Spring. Wood Element and spring represent the beginning of the life’s cycle, creation, new beginnings, birth and growth.

Here are your tips to Balance your Wood Element Personality out!

A great way to Balance out Your Wood Element is using either Blue Tansy, dōTERRA Balance blend (which contains Blue Tansy) or Lavender Essential oil on Acupuncture Point Liver 3 (LV3)

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