The 5 Essential Oils I Refuse to Travel Without

Those who know me, know I love to travel and have a bit of a nomadic spirit. Because I love to travel and stay healthy, I had to figure out what were the best essential oils to travel with. While there are many I typically will take on most journeys with me, these are the 5 essential oils I refuse to travel without.

It wasn’t long after I started using oils for myself and my patients that my life changed. As an acupuncturist I was used to using natural remedies, but nothing has worked as amazingly well for me and my clients as essential oils. I upgraded my daily health routines, I changed how I clean my house, I changed what I put on my body, and I changed what I packed when I travel.

The 5 Essential Oils I Refuse to Travel Without


Let’s start with the ever-popular lavender essential oil. There is a reason why they call lavender essential oil the Swiss Army knife of essential oils.  It has so many different functions and benefits. Lavender is a must-have on any trip because when we travel, especially if we travel with family, there tends to be a bit of stress. You can think of lavender as your all-around calming oil. Lavender is going to help ease anxiety and stress during your trip to make it the most pleasant experience possible. Lavender can also be used for calming the skin, just in case the sun gets the best of you. Lastly, I often have trouble sleeping at least the first few nights when I’m traveling, so lavender is my best friend to help support a healthy night’s sleep. There’s also a doTerra lavender blend called Serenity that I often use as well.


The next oil I want to chat about is frankincense. I always say that if I was stranded on a desert island and was only allowed one oil to take, it would be my friend frankincense.  It supports so many areas of your body. It is amazing for helping support a healthy inflammatory response in your body, helps support for your immune system, your mood, your skin, and so much more. So again, when in doubt bust your frankincense out. You will never regret smelling frankincense, dropping it on your tongue, or rubbing it on the back of your neck.


Oil choice number three will have to be our friend melaleuca — also known as Tea Tree oil. Melaleuca is useful for any cuts and scrapes and skin irritations that may occur during vacation.  If you have a little issue with dandruff, try using some melaleuca in your shampoo to prevent embarrassing dandruff on your trip. If your family has any discomfort in the ears, (ugh, nothing is worse than ear pain) try placing a drop of melaleuca on a cotton ball and gently place it in the ear, but never pour the oil in your ear. Bug bites bugging you? Use melaleuca and lavender together to soothe the skin and cease the annoying itch.

The 5 Essential Oils I Refuse to Travel Without


My fourth must-have essential oil is peppermint. Like lavender, peppermint has a vast range of uses especially when you’re traveling. Did you partake in a little bit too much booze and rich food last night? No worry, peppermint to the rescue! It’s going to help soothe any digestive upset. Just rub a drop or two right over your belly. Need an afternoon pick me up? Try a drop of peppermint  on the roof of your mouth.  It will help to wake you up, make you alert, give you good breath, and also clear any sinus congestion you might have. Got a travel-induced headache? Gently rub peppermint on your temples and on the back of your neck to soothe head tension. Lastly, try making a spray bottle filled with peppermint essential oil and water and spray it on the back of your neck to cool off after a day in the hot sun. Warning: Please watch your eyeballs! If you get peppermint in your eyes, do NOT flush with water, gently pat some fractionated coconut or jojoba oil with a cotton swab around your eye.

On Guard Blend

Last, but certainly not least, doTERRA’s On Guard blend is a must-pack in my suitcase. When traveling, the last thing you want to do is get sick, right? OnGuard is the blend called the “protective blend” for a very good reason, it supports a healthy immune system and can also act as an antibacterial spray. I always pack a 2 oz. spray bottle with OnGuard, water, and some lemon oil. I spray it on surfaces in bathrooms, plane tray tables, etc. I use it as a hand spray or to cleanse the air, and I also use it as a throat spray. Try using OnGuard on the bottom of your feet every morning, before, during, and after your trip.


These five essential oils will help you to have the best vacation ever!  If you would like to learn more about how to use essential oils, I have plenty of information for you.

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