Keys for a Thriving Holistic Health Practice — The 5 Success C’s

Is your Holistic Health Practice Thriving? Let me share my keys to a thriving holistic health practice below.

Before you do one more thing to grow your practice, I want you to stop for a moment and see how you rate yourself in the following 5 C’s. These C’s are crucial to embody if you want to finally create the thriving practice of your dreams.

These 5 C’s as your Success C’s sounds like, SuccesexyC These really are sexy C’s. Ha! In all seriousness though, these C’s can shift the posturing you have in your practice. So let’s dive in.

There are 5 C’s that you must embody to launch and grow your thriving practice… You must be, Capable, Committed, Consistent, Confident, and Courageous.

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Let’s begin with our first SuccessC, Capable:

I am guessing you are already more than capable in your craft. You’ve likely already finished your necessary training or degree to become a holistic practitioner and now you’re ready to build your practice. So, kudos and check that one off your list!

However, there is another aspect of being capable; it’s really kind of an additional C in the 5 C’s, and that’s clarity. In my 10 Secrets e-book I dive deep into helping you understand exactly what you do, and who you do it for. Being very clear about these two things will truly help you catapult your business.

Now, you might be thinking, “well I’m a practitioner, that’s what I do”. And, while that is true, you are uniquely you and there’s no one else like you. You bring something unique to your industry that people will be attracted to, so having a deep understanding and getting crystal clear about who you uniquely are, what you do, and who you do it for, PLUS having a clear business and marketing plan is going to help you’re capable quality and your business skyrocket!

Now let’s move on to our second SuccessC, Commitment:

I love talking about this C, because, if I am being completely honest, it’s been the one I have, in the past struggled with the most.

You MUST make a ruling decision that you will commit to your goal of building a thriving practice.

Do me a favor, before we move on.

I want you to think about a time in your life when you felt successful, unstoppable, and proud of yourself.

I can guarantee you that your Commitment was one of the most powerful resources you had to create that successful outcome.

Almost every “failure” can be a commitment issue

  • What would your practice look like if you did what you said you were going to do when you said you were going to do it?

Every time you break a commitment, it’s always to yourself.

Think about this, “Are you committed to your success or your struggle?

  • You may think the answer is obvious, but take a moment to consider the things you’ve wanted in your life and business.

Commitment takes GRIT (I love this word)


We must do something we’ve never done to get something we never had

The third SuccessC is – Consistency:

“Commitment and Consistency is doing the things even when things are not going well.” Katy Perry

Now that you’ve made a ruling decision to create a successful thriving practice, the vehicle for getting to that goal is consistent daily actions. You get this, right? I am sure you often specific recommendations for your patients or clients, right, and the thing that will give them the results they want or need is to be committed to doing them on a consistent basis. The same is true in your business.

There is definitely a theme throughout my e-book about what you need to do on a consistent basis. I promise you, this consistency will be the KEY to your success. If you want to grow a thriving business, remember this:

“You can do your business full time, or part time, but you can’t do it sometimes.”

You will have to become more disciplined than you ever thought you could be. But, with consistency, you can create your ideal life, practice, and schedule, not to mention, so much good and healing in the world too.

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The fourth SuccessC is Confidence:

Here me out on this… you do NOT wait until you’re “confident” to grow and build your business. You BECOME confident by taking consistent daily actions to grow your business.

How many times have you thought, “I will do the marketing or networking or asking for referrals, or… “fill in the blank”, when I know more, or when I feel more confident??” Well that’s all kind of B.S. really, the truth is…

  • We become more confident when we do the work, and do the work, and do the work.
  • We become more passionate about our work, when we become good at it!
  • When we take actionable steps every day, over and over, until we ARE good at it!
  • I am a confident acupuncturist, but I had to work my ass off for 3 years in school, and then have a practice for about 5 years before I started feeling confident. Now after 15 years, I feel pretty freakin confident!

All of this leads us to:

Your fifth SuccessC, Courage (confidence’s close cousin):

I have 3 words for YOU! DO IT ANYWAY.

  • If it’s hard, do it anyway
  • If it’s scary, do it anyway
  • We spend 3-4 times more time and energy thinking about a task then doing the task itself.
  • Focus on the step you’re in!
  • The human spirit needs progress, so celebrate every day that you kept moving forward.
  • Success requires preparation and follow through, set yourself up for success, plan your week, and do a nightly check-in. I will cover ALL of this in my upcoming e-book.

Confidence will happen when you do it anyway, every day!

EXTRA TIP of what are NOT SuccessC’s:

Commiserating * complaining & CONFUSION. (Confusion is a form of self-abuse. It’s manufactured for those who do not want to take responsibility)

I will end this with 3 words… DO IT ANYWAY.

Hi, I’m Dianne…

I am a Business Coach for Holistic Practitioners, a Licensed Acupuncturist (L.Ac.), with a Master’s Degree in Chinese Medicine, and I am also a Certified Holistic Health Coach, & doTERRA Platinum Wellness Advocate.

I have spent nearly 20 years in the health & wellness industry. I have owned and operated wellness practices that incorporated massage therapy, yoga, acupuncture, and wellness counseling.  I know what it takes to make your dream work and I want to help YOU. If you are serious about taking your practice to the next level, email me and let me know what your biggest struggle is. I know I can help.

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