How to Use Essential Oils to Soothe Your Baby

While I don’t currently have a baby (my baby is actually turning 28 next month), I certainly know a lot of moms with little ones who want to make sure they are doing the absolute best they can to take care of their little ones naturally.  There’s so much information floating around that it can be confusing, especially when it comes to our children. Mamas need to feel empowered when it comes to their kiddos.  By making natural choices for your family and home, not only are you making great decisions, you are showing your children how to make empowered and natural choices as well. You can use essential oils to soothe your baby — at any age.

First and foremost, when working with essential oils please be sure that they are the highest and purest therapeutic grade essential oils on the market. Please know, not all oils are created equal. Most essential oils that you will find on the shelves in most stores are adulterated with solvents, pesticides, synthetics, and other chemicals. I have not found any other essential oil company that is more thoroughly tested for purity, safety, and therapeutic potency than dōTERRA.

Of course, we always need to be mindful when using essential oils for babies and children. I always recommend that you dilute your oils for your little ones to avoid irritation and to aid in absorption.  Common recommendation for dilution is approximately one drop of oil per tablespoon of carrier oil. One of my favorite carrier oils is doTERRA’s fractionated coconut oil for newborns, infants, babies, children and adults as well.  I also highly recommend avoiding hot oils such as clove, cassia, cinnamon, oregano, and peppermint as these can be very irritating to baby’s skin. Read these important safety tips for kids and essential oils before getting started.

Essential Oils to Soothe Your Baby

Here are some natural essential solutions for common baby concerns:

Calm & Happy Baby

To promote relaxation and a calm and happy baby, try using lavender and wild orange together. Simply put 1-2 drops each in a 10 ml rollerball bottle and rub on feet, belly, or blankie. You can also try doTERRA Serenity blend or Roman chamomile.

Sleep Soundly

Oils to support a restful night’s sleep are lavender, Serenity blend, vetiver, Roman chamomile and frankincense. You can diffuse these oils separately or a few together or make up a little 10 ml rollerball blend using approximately 3 drops per bottle. Rub on bottom of feet, on stuffed animal, pillow, sheets, etc.

Booboo Blend

Whether you have a baby crawling or learning to walk or a toddler running amuck, this “Owie Spray” of lavender, melaleuca, and frankincense is a must to always have on hand.

Tummy Love

To soothe tummy discomfort use lavender, ginger, peppermint, and wild orange diluted. Massage clockwise onto an occasional upset tummy or rub on the bottoms of feet to calm digestive distress. You can also use doTERRA digestZen blend for all things tummy related — for babies and grown-ups alike.

Soothe the Skin

When soothing my skin, I always personally reach for lavender and melaleuca, so for the wee one dilute 1 drop of each of lavender and melaleuca in fractionated coconut oil (FCO), especially when changing their diaper. You can also check out doTERRA’s new Diaper Cream.

Breathing Easy

Got snot? Use the Breathe respiratory blend.  Apply with a carrier oil onto the chest to maintain feelings of clear airways and easy breathing.

Teething Tamer

To tame the fussy and the discomfort of teething, try using lavender and roman chamomile along the jawline, and/or dilute 1 drop of clove in fractionated coconut oil or vegetable glycerin and rub on gums to soothe.

If you’re a total awesome DIY Mama, check out these great recipes to makeover your diaper bag naturally!

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The content of this site is for informational purposes only. Information posted here represent only my opinions and is not to be used to diagnose, treat, or replace professional medical advice. You are responsible for how you use your essential oils, please use them reasonably and carefully.