How to Bring a Little Love & Fire to Your Life

This Valentine’s Day & Always, Let’s Discover the Fire in All of Us.

I thought today would be the perfect day to share about the Fire Element. One of the most fun Elements of the 5-Elements of Chinese Medicine to talk about!

Why? Because the FIRE Element is connected to the HEART & the Pericardium and of course, the heart is the center of Valentine’s day…(not Hallmark cards).

The Fire Element, represents passion, inspiration, heat, joy, connection, activity, and so much more.

Because it’s connected to the heart,  we know it has the capacity to love, make connections with others, feel passionate and inspire good and intimate relationships

Our heart’s desire is to make personal and intimate connections in our lives. We wish to have personal intimate connections with lovers and partners as well as close personal relationships with our besties, our friendships, workplace mates, and our inner community.

So, the greatest joy for fire elements comes from intimate relationships, friends, and generosity of an open Heart. The zest for life of the well-adapted fire type is contagious… the warmth, enthusiasm, and optimism are palpable.

Here are some of the characteristics of what a healthy and well-balanced Fire Element Archetype Personality might express.

Now let’s explore what an “excess” condition of a Fire Element might look like!

This is a common example of what an excess out-of-balance Fire Element might look like. As you can see from this image, that like the nature of FIRE FLARING the fire element personality can get very excitable, anxious, full of anxiety. They can be restless and very agitated. Their energy is flaring up like the fire, so our goal is to calm it down. Descend the energy, (Qi) We don’t want to completely douse the fire, just manage it to a gentle flame of a candle burning.

Some great essential oils to use in this case would be Vetiver on Kidney 1 (KI1) and Ylang Ylang on Heart 7 (HT7)

Each Element of the 5-Elements of Chinese medicine can express in an excess condition as you can see in this Fire Element Example, but they can also express in a deficiency condition, which would lead us to use different essential oils on different acupuncture points.

When you have a better understanding of these differentiations, you can truly refine and personalize treatment protocols in a more profound way. THIS is what I teach to my students in my AcuOil Alchemy Course. A 6-Week Online course that helps you understand a person’s true constitution, and recognize the patterns of the symphony of symptoms.

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